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Ways to Save Money 2016

  1. Minimize using credit cards

Credit cards are the main reason behind most people’s debt. If you do have a credit card and you need to use it then put the money on the card first. Also get a card that has an avios or an  air miles scheme. Most importantly DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE. If you want to buy something ask yourself whether you need it right now.

2. Check your balance online weekly

Make sure you control your money and your money doesn’t control you. Being on top of your spending habits is the best way of knowing what’s going in and going out. In this way you can budget accordingly and hold back on mega purchases. You can also save money this way for that holiday or washing machine.

3. Cut back on the smaller things

Remember you want to budget for what’s important for you. If buying a mars bar or a coffee everyday is important then that’s fine however if you bought a mars bar for £1 twice a week then that’s £104 every year. That’s enough for a day at a spa or a cheap flight to Spain. What are your dreams? What would you like to do that you’ve never had the opportunity to do? Prioritize.

4. Sell your unwanted possessions

Sell your old clothes, your children’s clothes, old phones and items. You never know what’s lying around the house. Also this is a good way of recycling and making a bit of money whilst you do so. Once I sold a pair of branded boots I never wore for £60 so having a bit of a rummage in your drawers can benefit you.

5. Buy own brand goods

Buy the bulk of your shop in own brand goods or from budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. You will also have more money for luxury items. It also helps you appreciate the luxury items you do have each week. We live in a world where we are used to having as much as we want whenever we want it and this is an unhealthy mindset.

6. Be mindful

When shopping be mindful. Have a list. Don’t use ebay unless you know what you are looking for. Be mindful before you throw that item away. Could it be used for another purpose? Be mindful when buying gifts. Could you make them? Be mindful when you meet up with friends. Don’t feel the pressure to always meet at that coffee shop. Going for a walk can be just as lovely.

7. Don’t use the car as much

Walk, walk and walk! Walking is beneficial to the health. It can talk you to new places and help you meet new people. You will save money on petrol for when you really need to use the car. Take your headphones out and enjoy nature. Be mindful and thankful for what you have got.

8. Be generous

If you are saving money and don’t have a lot then you probably don’t want to read this but we live in a society where being greedy is seen as a good thing. However, this is wrong and it’s time to value people and our world more than we value material possessions. Every dies eventually and you can’t take anything with you apart from beautiful memories. Share your money your time and your love because then the blessings will come back to you.

9. Grow your own vegetables

Grown your own vegetables. Grow your own herbs. Enjoy being outside in the garden instead of sitting in front of the TV. Get your hands and knees dirty in the garden and grow your own food.

10. Don’t have a TV

Don’t have a TV. I don’t have a TV but I still watch dvds on my laptop. I don’t feel like I am loosing out. I save about £60 per month over the year and I use that money to travel. I have no regrets. Instead of telling the kids to watch TV tell them to read a book or play a game. Go outside to the park or for a walk. If it’s raining do some baking or create something new. You’ll also save on electricity and you will have extra cash for days out or even a trip to the cinema.

11. Bake

There are lots of easy and quick recipes to bake without spending lots of money or time. I am a single working mother and I bake bread and cakes. Oven baked food is much more nutritious and it also means that on the rare occasion when I order a take out I don’t have to feel guilty. Baking gives you time to experiment and it really can be an art.

12. Install a water saving flush

Install a water saving flush in your toilet or if you don’t need to then don’t flush the toilet. If you have guests or if you go for a number two then of course flush the toilet. This saves water and also saves your water bill.

13. Change your bulbs

Use energy savings bulbs. These bulbs save energy and are much cheaper to use. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

14. Buy eco nappies

Buy eco toilet paper, nappies and sanitary products. These are also much better for you then most of the products you can find in your local supermarket. You can saves hundreds of pounds and although it might seen like more effort initially you are actually reducing your carbon footprint and being green.

Go for it and live a greener lifestyle.



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